Thursday, March 13, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

I saw this bunting and had to make it.

I got a silhouette cameo for Christmas and I now know what true love is... Just kitten.... Sort of. I cut some pages from a book into a bunting. Then cut some green glitter scrapbook paper into shamrocks. Glued those onto the book pages and sewed them onto some bakers twine.

Probably my favorite decoration I've made this year.


Easy removal when I go full steam into Easter!

Oh I love you spring!




Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Penny Tile

I love this bathroom tile so much... I hate trying to get a decent in the bathroom! It doesn't help that one springer spaniel chewed off my flash... Eff!
We tried to keep this awesome flooring. It just couldn't be revived. Sad day! I saw a beautiful bathroom done by Alice lane that used rectangular, square and navy penny round tile. It was beautiful. I used the basic idea but changed it a bit for my liking. I used mint penny round tile that I found on And then trimmed out the penny round tile with a beaded trim tile from lowes.

Oh I love it so!

This was a during shot.


And an overly enhanced photo because of the terrible lighting.

Crazy in love with this bathroom.

About the details... No loud accents, just texture.

I want to take this bathroom home with me.



Monday, January 27, 2014

Downington Ave...

Let me just preface this by saying these pictures aren't great. I keep running out of time to get there when there is good lighting... I'm going to try and get there early tomorrow for some bathroom shots.

But oh the tile! I found the most beautiful grey tile named pumice. It looks like it is hand glazed. The pictures just don't do it justice. But wow!

Against the white shaker cabinets it's dynamite.

This picture is a little better at showing the variations on the tile. Subtle but so lovely.


Getcha from every angle.


Went with a little lower wainscot trim in this house. Gives the paint color a little more room to shine.

And. The. Chandelier... I luff it so!

I'm about to bombard you with some glamour shots of this light fixture...

In all of its spherical chandelier glory!

I mean.. Get. Real. It's amazing.

I will take you home...

The light that it throws is just amazing! Buy this house! If only for the light!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I think Valentine decor is my favorite to decorate for. I love it so much I start in January. 14 days in February just isn't enough...

The XOXO pendant from target is still one of my favorite decorations.

It is still January so I left my New Years decor up and just added to it... Closer to February I have plans to swap them out.

I kind of like the idea of tweaking my mantle instead of a total overhaul. Just swapped out the Christmas art and exchanged the anthropologie knock off snow globes with my winter village. I collected these little houses from Savers and then spray painted them white and added white glitter on top of the snow. Love! Then stuck two of them in apothecary jars for some height.

These nooks give me decorating anxiety. They are too deep and tall... It's a feet to get the proportions right without making it look too crazy.

I brought out my four shades of lipstick and went to town on a sheet of white paper. Then layered that on butcher paper and stick it in my spray painted frame. Found these teacups at Savers and I'm dying to find the entire china set. The geese measuring cups were a 'treat yourself' purchase when anthropologie had its winter sale! $12! What?!

I might need to call this the year of the silhouette. I got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas and I'm smitten. I made these tickets from glitter paper and they are darling. Accented by anthropologie latte bowls. I die.

It was looking too busy in these nooks so I wrapped my cook books in brown paper which is actually floor cover from Home Depot. A super cheap option that will probably last me my entire life.

When anthropologie stuff goes in sale 75% off you end up with two sets of animal measuring cups. And I luff them all!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Drew and I decided that 2013 was our best year yet. We had such a great year with some ups and downs. Overall taking total responsibility for our lives and decisions has made all the difference.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.


We can't wait to meet you 2014.


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Our first Christmas in our new house! We could not have asked for a better year. And now to cozy up to our fire.

Happy Holidays!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Alden Ave

I am thrilled with how this house turned out... It's exactly how I saw it in my mind. Love when that happens.

This house was beat... I am going to try and find the before YouTube video tour... Makes the transformation that much better... I am crazy about these rounded 1x1 marble tile squares on the fireplace...

We did a wainscot throughout the main family and dining room and into the kitchen... Some people worried it would make the rooms feel smaller, but I wanted it for the opposite reason, I think it connects all the rooms and creates the illusion of space...


The hearth... I love how the dark brown floors brought out the touch of brown in the tile...

Don't mind the wonky curtains... There was some touch up paint drying... Or it's a new look...hmmm....?

I went with Benjamin Moore Stonington for the gray on the wall...

Such a rich gray...

Crazy about this West Elm Capiz chandelier...

I think this wainscot adds so much charm to the house...

I snagged this quatrefoil tile off of during a sale and got it 60% off... Can't beat that....

We used the leftover countertop from morning side and went with the Carrera perimeter and honed absolute on the island. Grounding the center of the kitchen...
Love this touch of fun.... Keeps it simple going with white, but something fun to catch your eye...

Love the plain white with the Carrera...

Can you have too much trim? I've yet to see that happen!


This is the upstairs guest bath... I am nuts about this blue/green tile... I tried a new pattern with the larger subway sandwiching the smaller subway, I love it,

I leave these tile layouts for the tile setters... It helps when a lot of the time there are language barriers... This tile setter was incredible... He did an awesome job... You'll see more of his work below...

The master turned out amazing... I was ready to move right in and never leave!


I switched things up and went with vertical tile for the shower... So,etimes I think vertical shower feels too modern, but it just loved how the white shell tile looked like a trickle of water...

I had him set the floor 60/40 overlay... Love this floor color...
I love love love how this bathroom turned out... We needed to find some less expensive options for the tile... I have never see this hex and square tile used on the wall... But I thought I would try it out... I think it looks awesome! So simple and can all be found at lowes or Home Depot. Can't beat that...

Love the window trim tile...

I went with two oversized lanterns for the exterior... They are epic!

The foundation and wind aprons were all painted fire engine red. I used this gray because of the hint of blue it had in it, so it would pull the blue out of the rather than the orange... It worked!