Monday, January 27, 2014

Downington Ave...

Let me just preface this by saying these pictures aren't great. I keep running out of time to get there when there is good lighting... I'm going to try and get there early tomorrow for some bathroom shots.

But oh the tile! I found the most beautiful grey tile named pumice. It looks like it is hand glazed. The pictures just don't do it justice. But wow!

Against the white shaker cabinets it's dynamite.

This picture is a little better at showing the variations on the tile. Subtle but so lovely.


Getcha from every angle.


Went with a little lower wainscot trim in this house. Gives the paint color a little more room to shine.

And. The. Chandelier... I luff it so!

I'm about to bombard you with some glamour shots of this light fixture...

In all of its spherical chandelier glory!

I mean.. Get. Real. It's amazing.

I will take you home...

The light that it throws is just amazing! Buy this house! If only for the light!



  1. sooooooo pretty GREAT work!!! wow!!!!

  2. Very pretty ~ love the colors.

  3. I LOVE your kitchen! We are building a house right now and looking to use gray subway tiles in our kitchen backsplash as well! Just curious, what color are your walls and what color grout did you use? I want to see if that tile will go with our wall color - grays can be so hard!!