Friday, February 4, 2011


I think I've been sick since December. I got the stomach flu... Twice... And have an awesome cold that has stuck around for two weeks... Blah!
This is how I feel...
These faces sure are cute...
But those little noses sure can hold a lot of germs. That lovingly get passed with boogery kisses, and well placed sneezes into unsuspecting eyes and mouths. Love these two. School has started and took my first test. I was in such a head cold haze I had to read every true and false question 4 or 5 times. Awesome.
Loved waking up to a heart attacked door from the Young Women.
The upside about quarantining myself inside is that Drew and I started Greys Anatomy. Nothing like trashy hospital drama to make you feel better. I think Drew and I are equally in love with Dr. McDreamy.
I get personally offended whenever Drew makes fun of Meredith. I heart her... He says she looks like a platypus. Jerk.
We bought the dog fence and have yet to set it up. (All that set up requires is to plug it in.) What's the point? It's been freezing cold, and the dogs want to be outside as little as we do. Drama queens...
And this one (as seen above) got knocked up, and is here while her husband lives on the coast guard ship until baby is born. I love it, we are about to start hypno birth classes. I'm the stand in for husband. I'll probably make her take some awesome prego pictures, she'll regret it if she doesn't.
We just need to find the perfect tree branch.
This ones a little tricky because Wes isnt here to lurk in the background.
This one has both elegance and fun.
When Wes is here this will be the first thing we do, head straight to Olan Mills and take this classy, yet informative picture. Brilliant. Maybe is shouldn't blog while sick. That should be on the warning label right next to, "do not operate heavy machinery".


  1. I appreciate those awkward family photos - best website EVER! And thank you for liking Grey's - I've always loved Grey's! I watched it all the time before Weston was born...I'm a little behind now, but someday I'll catch up. Good stuff! Sorry you've been sick!

  2. i'm laughing out loud by myself about the "olan mills" picture. can you imagine what the photographer must have been thinking?? i'm still laughing.

  3. Meggo is preggo?! That is great news!

  4. Linds I'm dying at those prego pictures! You better believe I am re-creating those bad boys when I get pregnant.

  5. hahahaha those prego pics are hilarious!!! i loved all your commentary linds!! :)

  6. say what...hip hip hooray! you are the best stand in ever and tell mego CONGRATS - we are thrilled! all the best and much love - MO