Thursday, May 19, 2011

Drywall and Art

You might be thinking, why is Drew patching a wall that looks like it was newly finished. Just kidding, you weren't thinking that.... I was.... But I'll tell you why he is... Drewpy was being super awesome and repairing our dryer. He was holding the top of the dryer when it slipped out of his hands, and the metal sliced open the skin in between his thumb and pointer finger. When the lid slid all the way down a screw on the corner of the lid, snagged the sliced skin. Did you dry heave? I did. I had to go lay down when I saw it! Anyway, Drew being the manly man he is thought the best way to deal with the pain of a gashed hand would be to take the same mangled hand, and slam it through a wall! Ahh, I bet that felt soothing. Sliced hand through drywall, is pretty much the equivalent to taking a nice warm bath after a long rainy day!....

I would love to spend 15 minutes inside Drew's brain!

So....... After another round of taking two steps forward and one step back.... Story of our remodel...I have moved onto trying to find some art for the house. I have picked up a few pieces on etsy, but couldn't find an affordable painting at the size I was looking for. So I bought a 36X48" canvas at the art store. And did a pastel drawing of some lemons. I didn't like how it turned out, so I used by step backward, and painted the canvas white, with our enamel paint we used on the trim. And went for a more modern painting, that will bring in a whole lot of yellow to the room! Simple, crisp, and yellow. Check, check and check! Wait until you see the frame Drew is making for it! Awesome!


  1. OOWWWW-CH!!!! Definitely a dry heave story, but thanks for ending it with a fantastic piece of modern art. I love it! Clever girl.

  2. his he remodeling in his tube socks?? i love that guy. he must be from provo.