Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The newest member of the Redd Family is little Johnny! Isn't he a doll?

Little Johnny is a little bit naughty, he decided to get an infection... Then pneumonia.... Then Jaundice... Little stinker. He'll be in the NICU for seven days while he gets his rounds of antibiotics.

But he sure is cute! With his dad's nose and mom's chin! Love him already!

After a visit with my tiny nephew, it was off to introduce Polly to her cousins! To say the loved her is an UNDERSTATEMENT! I don't think her feet touch the floor!

Seriously, even when they put her down to sleep, she was placed on the coffee table, but kindly given a blanket!

Cleo got her fair share of loving!

Cleo got her own, hex nut collar, and she looks smashing! I'm gathering my ideas for an etsy shop and these collars may make the list!

Cleo snuggled with her dad, so the puppy wouldn't out do her for affection.

And Polly sends you off with a wink and a smile!


  1. Hooray for Johnnie! What a doll.

    Congrats Meghan!

  2. What a sweet little baby! So fun! And goodness, that last picture of Polly is to die for. Did you get a new camera? What kind? Your pictures look amazing!!!