Monday, May 23, 2011


Just because they are so darn cute!

All day long...

An outrageous amount of tongue!

I will say it until I'm blue in the face. I love these dogs.... Drew and I wonder all the time, how can you live your entire life without a dog? Not an animal who you leave tethered to a rope, leave outside, day and night, or treat as a burden instead of part of the family! Rather a companion who loves you unconditionally, has intense loyalty, and gives a tremendous amount more then they take if given the opportunity.

However an apology needs to be made to our future children... I am so sorry that Polly is so adorable, loves to be held, falls asleep on our chest, nuzzles in our neck, loves to be snuggled and held, sleeps through the night and is potty trained. She has taken every ounce of being baby hungry from us. (Is it wrong to delay trying for children because you love your dogs, and husband so much.... Not in that order.... Rhetorical, because we know the answer is, NOPE!) Our dear neighbor, 85 year old Stormin' Norma waltzed over the other day and said, "I see both of you kissing on that puppy, and I think to myself, those two need a baby!". To which we responded in unison, "Who needs a baby with a puppy this cute?". (I know, we're adorable, we talk in synch.... That happens to us at least several times a day... Which then leads us to turn and stare at each other and do our secret handshake... It's so cute it'll make your teeth hurt!). To which Norma, in her infinite wisdom responded, "I guess you're right!" And Norma knows all!


  1. That tongue!..."can you imagine?".... all down hill from there... sorry about your sidewalk. winky face.