Thursday, July 21, 2011

Home Tour Layton

Driving to and from the Great Salt Lake, we were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful houses we saw.

How beautiful are those windows! And the porch is stunning.

The detail on this house is phenomenal. I wondered if it was restored to this, or built new.... We should have stopped and asked.

This modern barn was such a brilliant new twisted on an old design. I love the double door opening... But my favorite part is the attached guest house, or office.... Across the drive way....

Is this beautiful modern red silo.... Brilliant! How creative is that?!

Again, love the windows on this house. Especially how they continued the windows on either side of the door. The top windows are also incredible. The little details that add so much.

I'm always a fan of those pop out windows on top. The colors scheme on this house was perfect!

One thing I can't stand about a lot of houses now is how they make the garage the focal point. Front doors are hidden behind enormous garage doors! Why are people okay with that? Houses like this make me happy. Where the garage, on the left, looks just like the rest of the house. And the garage doors are away from view... Much better. I'm curious about the interior of this house, two chimneys! I bet it could be amazing!


  1. Okay # 1- one of those houses is my cousin's house (use to be my great grandparents and was restored) lol. and #2- I'm a little offended you didn't take a pic of Mack and Julie's house..

    Miss ya! Do a tour of Holladay next. They have the best! :)

  2. The house with the red silo is the home of Katie's 5th grade teacher... in the INSIDE is even more amazing!

  3. Linds I think you need to come to DC and we can do a house tour of Bethesda. You would die!!!