Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trailer Love!

Because we don't have enough project going on right now.... We decided to buy a trailer, to renovate! Hooray!

HA! Renovating a trailer has been something I have wanted to do since we have been married... Drew kept telling me, you buy the trailer, and I'll fix it..... I'm not sure Drew knew how serious I was... I have been looking up renovated trailers for a long time.... Using the law of attraction to welcome one into my life.... Smiley face.... For the last few years, every now and then I would check the classifieds to see if any were available for the right price... I text a few people about their trailers, but never really followed up with any... One morning last week, out of sheer boredom I looked up trailers.... And this little beauty was for sale! Posted 15 minutes before I looked... I text the seller and asked if they would go down $100 on their asking price.... They said O.B.O., so I didn't feel bad going in low. They countered with going down $50.... And Drew was on his way to pick her up! By the time Drew got there, the seller said he had 15 other callers, offering him MORE then his asking price! Luckily he was a man of his word.... And the camper is now ours! Hooray!

Want to see what sold me on this trailer?! The turquoise stove and fridge! What a wonderful starting point! All of these other colors can be changed easily, but a good stove, fridge and sink color.... That's pure gold!

Isn't that color adorable?! I am thinking about finding some redd knobs to put on the stove.... Well there is a whole lot I'm thinking about doing, I just can't get redd range knobs out of my mind! Funn thing is, this stove is about the same size as the one we just put in our kitchen.... Cutie!

We're missing one burner, other then that everything else is accounted for, and working!

The counter and backsplash need to replaced, but there is a large amount of counter space (for a trailer) and an extra cutting board.... Major score! I think we will make a cutting board for over the range, and sink, to double the counter space.

There is a little chip in the sink that isn't a big deal, but maybe we can find somewhere to refinish it.... In the turquoise color obviously.... In renovating the trailer, I want to make it new and different, without losing it's charm....

I'm thinking about using our extra glass mosaic tile, from our kitchen, as the backsplash in the trailer.... I think the brown will go really well with the turquoise....

I'm thinking about painting the walls and cabinets white... Or maybe just the bottom half of the walls white, and refinishing the wood on the top with a nice stain. Almost all of the renovated trailers I've seen keep the wood panel.... So maybe it's a trailer society thing.... I don't want to be the n00b who tries to sell a camper with painted white walls, and have that be a major faux pas in the trailering community!

Look how adorable and vintage these original seats are! Definitely keeping them... They might just need a little TLC to get them in tip top shape..... But that top triangle.... Adorable! These seats lay flat and slide together and make a large full size bed... The table can be moved to either side of the camper.... Above these seats is a twin bunk, that folds away.

On the other of the camper is another couch that folds out to another large bed, and above that is another even bigger, fold away top bunk. We have just been beside ourselves, we are so excited about our new project.... Drew walked out side with his hammer and cat's paw ready to demo.... I reminded him of our bathroom with no walls, and the 10 sheets of Sheetrock in our hallway.... Let's finish the house before we rip apart our trailer... Who knows, we may be living in it until the house is finished.... It does have more intact walls.... Smiley...


  1. I just love this camper. Great score. Looking forward to what you do. The color of the appliances is beautiful!

  2. Come pick me up and take me for a ride... i love it and am jealous!

  3. Ohmagaash... That thing is a butte! Don't touch a thing on her!

  4. Ohmahgaash... She's a butte! Don't touch a thing on her!

  5. I can't wait to see this when you are done, I love the blue! And also, remember when I would abuse your dining plus and we would get subway after pretty much every Humanities? amazing.