Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dog Lake

Sorry for the overload of instagram pictures this week! I haven't been carrying my camera around, and I most certainly wasn't going to lug it around on this hike... Although it would have been lighter, and a lot more useful then the nalgene water bottle I hauled up, full of sudsy water.... Blah!

The pooches and I headed up to Dog Lake after work... The leaves are changing, and we weren't about to miss it! My pooches are major fall nuts! Crazy dogs!

It was a terrific 6 mile round trip hike... It was the longest hike I have done in my fivefinger Vibrams... I love them! The most comfortable hike I have ever done... The muscles in my feet are sore, I didn't even know the muscles were there.... Learn something new...

As did Polly who decided to fetch sticks out of the water... She thought it was okay... What was really fun, was hunting dragonflies... She's a natural pouncer...

This was the first time I've been up to Dog Lake without Caesar... This was our hike... He loved it! He loved getting up to the lake, running into the water.... Drinking as much as he could, and then throwing it up! It was his tradition! Silly pooch!


  1. Oh man, I'm in love with Instagram...I think I need an iPhone just for that app. I struggle. But I always love all your pictures!

  2. I've been meaning to ask... what type of dslr camera do you use? I'm looking for one. sweet, thanks

  3. i have the nikon d90... its awesome... i heart it... that is all...