Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So we are about to paint our house. And as usual I like to scoure the world for examples. We go on drives, walks, cruise the Internet, look at blogs, buy magazines! I obsess! But I thought I would show you some of the ideas I like for the house. I am terrible at siting, so please please let me know if you know where the picture is from so I can give them credit.
Here are some shingles we really liked. Some people like them jagged and wavy, it reminds me of ToonTown in Disneyland. So we did ours in even horizontal lines like this.
And I am still not over my yellow kick! And I think a green house with a yellow door sounds amazing!
So here are some of my yellow doors...
This one is my favorite, the pale yellow is what I am leaning towards.
Who wouldn't want to visit someone with a yellow door. It just radiates happiness.
I thought about gray for the house color. But just for a moment. I think a green door on a gray house is beautiful.

A yellow door, but the shingles were too even for me. There is a fine line with shingles.
I love it, they painted the trim around the door yellow too. I think it looks good here, but I like doors that are trimmed out in a color. To make the door pop more.
This is how we were thinking about doing our posts, but I don't love this style, it's a little too busy for me. I think it is very well done in this picture.
I take back what I said before, this one is my very favorite. The color yellow, the shingles, the color of the house. Or green is a little more green and less gray. This picture captures everything I want and love!


  1. I love that shade of yellow in the last picture!

  2. I think your home will look amazing! I love all your inspiration! Can't wait to see it all finished!

  3. Business, huh? Okay, if you be my manager/agent. Thanks Linds, you're sweet!

  4. Man you two are motivated and impressive. I have been wanting to paint our living room since we moved in 3 years ago and still haven't gotten to it :) I love your inspiration, you have an eye for beauty. I can't wait for the finished results!