Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So Long and Farewell

We live in a house that is dwarfed by two huge Evergreen trees. In fact our neighborhood was apparently infested with these trees. Everyone has a story to tell about the enormous trees that they removed from their yard. Well this is our story.
I forgot to take pictures of our house with the trees infront. So google maps came to my aid. Above is a satellite view of our house. The road infront during the winter was always just ice because the road rarely saw sun.
Our house is in their somewhere.
Don't mind the construction debry on our back patio. You can't miss the trees towering over the house.
One of the beasts.
We have been getting bids on tree removal and some places have been outrageous. We got a bid from Discount Tree Removal and they gave us a great deal. They infact just showed up on our front porch one day ready to work. No appointment needed! Haha
Can you see how itty bitty our house looks underneath those trees?
One tree down.
And voilĂ . A house emerges! It doesn't even look like the same house. It's going to look so amazing when we get the lawn all put back together. You can finally see all of Drew's handy work.


  1. Wow! Huge difference! That will be so nice to have done.

  2. I get tired just thinking about all you do to your casa. That looks great and I loved your creativity on showing the before shots.