Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthday Present!

I finally cashed in my birthday gifts. The vacuum I bought when we got married, finally called it quits about 4 months ago. In all fairness to the sweet Eureka with a PowerClaw, it never signed up to cleaning up after 2 Great Danes. It never stood a chance. I have been trying to keep our house clean with a shop vac. Every time you turn it on, it shot out dust and debry through the muffler. It was a vicious circle of dirt. So I pooled together my birthday cash, and hunted on Where the Universe decided to pitch in on my birthday gift.
Of a brand new, still sealed in a box, complete with Dyson's 5 YEAR PARTS AND LABOR WARRANTY, DC25 Ball Animal vacuum!
Are you kidding me?!! A couple recieved it as a gift for their wedding. But decided to sell it at a quarter of the price because they wanted the little bit of cash instead. And said they would buy it again in a few years! FOOLS!
I love love love it! This model is designed specifically to pick up pet hair! And believe me, it is everything they advertise it will be! Thank you to my grandma, mom and mother in law! You have saved me from avoiding our home teachers! Haha just kidding, (sort of, not really!)


  1. WOW! What an amazing present! Those looks pretty incredible. YOU DESERVE IT!!!

  2. Isn't it funny that I didn't even know what a dyson was until a kerby representative came knocking on my door. Maybe one day we will upgrade. I heard Ryan and Lacee have one too. Hopefully we see you soon around the Holidays!