Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Canvas Painting!

With the big kids back in school, and the babies in preschool only twice a week, we did a fun project for the newest big kids!

I guess they're not babies any more, but they will always be these cute, chubby babies to me!

So we decided to do a little canvas painting! We bought two canvases from WalMart for $7 total, a bag of brushes for $3, and some paint for $0.95. We made an impromptu smock out of our old duvet cover that I keep in the car to cover the seats with... Just cut it to size and cut arm holes... Perfect!

Ready to work...

Bag O brushes...

They had a great time, picking out which brushes were theirs, and which they would use first!

Then laid out a garbage sack, and secured it down with rocks on the corner...

Poured on some paint and let them at it...

They had a blast! It was fun watching them paint, very carefully, then realize they could do whatever they wanted, and they became totally engrossed in it. Kate's started off as a rainbow... But like we all find ourselves, unable to step away, they rainbow was soon completely covered...

And then we painted the rocks!


  1. Oh that baby pic reminds me of my girls! I babysat those little ladies for Alex once and I can't believe how grown up they are. How lucky to have you for a nanny...come nanny for my girls too. I'll just lay on the couch and be a slug why you orchestrate all these awesome projects. deal? deal.

  2. Al! That sounds like the best idea ever! I want to squeeze those babies!