Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tactile Matching!

What I thought would be an easy free way to spend 30 minutes turned into hours of fun!

I saw this idea in! We filled balloons with a bunch of different items! Each item filled two balloons... I used this cylinder toy to fill up the balloons... I couldn't find a funnel, and necessity is the mother of invention...

We filled the balloons with tiny gravel, grass, mud, cheerios, and quinoa... And added a puff of air into each balloon...

Threw the balloons in the yard, and they went crazy squeezing the balloons! "Dis ones keenwah! I knows it!" ("This one is quinoa, I knows it!")

They had a blast feeling matches, and starting over....When they were done feeling for matches, the balloons turned into impromptu bean bags! Major score! It was like an awesome Payless sale! BOGO!

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