Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I saw some bubble recipes on pinterest, and thought we would try them out. I had no idea super bubbles were so involved. I got this recipe from an awesome party website: Check it out for awesome party ideas! The recipe calls for:
5 Gallons Distilled Water (I guess hard water makes the bubbles break easier. So if you have soft water I guess you could use that.
10 Cups Dawn Dish Soap (not antibacterial)
2 Cups Karo Syrup
1 Small Pool
1 Hula Hoop
Let Bubble solution sit over night for best results.

This was a fun activity because kids love adding ingredients, and this was just like a giant mixing bowl. One bit of advice I would add would be to check your pool for leaks before you start. Our first attempt at the bubbles ended with sudsy sidewalks.

After letting it sit over night it was time to test out the bubbles.

It was a huge hit!

We started out standing in the bubble, and moved onto trying to create monster bubbles. We got some crazy big bubbles.

Summer memories made.... Check!
The actual post I got this from is here:


  1. WAY fun! I've made the syrup bubbles before but never in a mini pool and with a hula hoop. Very cool!

  2. We will be trying this out at VBS tomorrow. Good tip on leaving it sit overnight!

  3. Wow Your one cool mom.I love your ideas :)