Monday, December 3, 2012

Fence Picket Frame.... (updated)...

We had wind storm, oh I'd say.... A couple years ago.... It was one of those things... Our house was torn up, Drew was working until 10 o'clock every night and I'm completely useless around the house.... So.... It laid on the ground.... Forever. Just taunting us with more work. Well the fence is still broken but we did get around to using the broken portion! Hooray!
I unscrewed the pickets from the braces... And drew ripped them down to 3" wide on his table saw.
Then with his Milwaukee Cho Saw that he loves more than me.... Not more than Polly... Than me... Just kitten... He mitered them on a 45 degree angle. The poster I wanted framed was 20"x27.5". Drew will mitre one end then measure the bottom, or the short end of the mitre 20".... Etc...etc... Around the frame...
Our wood glue of choice is Titebond wood glue... We use it on all of our wood projects.
Put a bead of glue on the mitre then smooth it with your finger.
Place the two miters together and shoot them together with your nail gun... This is what I didn't know... It's not the nails that hold together its the glue. You just put the nails in to hold it together until the glue dries.
And again... And again....
Drew put two 2" nails in each corner on each side. We did have some nails blow out the back.... Easily remedied by clipping with pliers.
I'm not sure besides the brand what guns Drew used. I do know he switched them two or three time...
Then we did an outer trim piece.
Mitering an end first.... Measuring the inside, then marking your measurement and mitering again... Drew doesn't use the metal edge of the tape measure to get his measurements because the metal lip has give... So he starts his measurement on the 1" mark and then adds an inch... It's what they call in the biz.... Burning an inch...
Then set your inside mitre on the corner and nail it on... Again glueing the miters together.
Next we picked up a 20"x30" piece of Optix plexiglass from Home Depot... Drew zipped it through the table saw.... Who knew? I had no idea you could cut plexiglass with a table saw... I imagined scoring, and breaking like a piece of glass... Which always ends up using a couple extra pieces of glass because the first few always crack...
Nope... 5 second zip on the table! Done!
Thumb lined up with blade.... Check!
And my Santa poster is ready to be hung! Ah I LOVE IT! We also made one more frame but I will show that later when my pics come in the mail!

 And here she is! With a post here...


  1. so great and i am so jealous- i love wood frames. that was a very helpful tutorial

  2. Sooooo classy! You're my hero.

  3. Love it! I need a Drew at my house. :) You two make such great things together.

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