Monday, December 10, 2012

Reclaimed Wood Wire Frame...

Last week I showed our reclaimed wood frame DIY...

We made two frames... One for my Santa poster and one for part of my DIY Christmas gift palooza!

We built a frame the same as the other.... Instead of routing the back and installing plexiglass I bought some eyelets from Home Depot and twisted them into the inside of the frame.

Then took some rebar wire (not sure if that's the exact name but it's what Drew called it...) from Home Depot and thread it through the eyelets and twisted with some pliers.

Like so....

Then I printed out pictures from my Instagram account using printstagram... Printstagram was awesome! Super easy to use, super quick delivery and the photos are crisp, clear and printed on thick paper. I highly recommend them!



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  2. Hi there...i was wondering if you could tell me what the width of the wood was for both the inside and outside frame? did you split one of the boards to get those pieces??