Monday, September 22, 2008

A Little Get-Away!

Fall has to be the absolute best season of the year!  We headed up to Sundance to spend the night... And of course we forgot our camera! Bummer, but we tried with our camera phones.  They just don't do it justice, the leaves were amazing... I recommend to anyone to make the drive to Provo, but take the way through Heber... As pretty as I-15 is, there just is no real comparison... ha!  

Our favorite place (after Sundance of course) to go is Heber/Midway.  We love the scenery and getting out and visiting cute restaurants and boutiques.  I love when Andrew says 'boutique' such a delicate word to come out of such a large man!

The gate to the Cabin had the most beautiful yellow tree!  Again ruined by or camera phone, but it was incredible!

The hike to Stewart Falls was amazing the mountains were on fire with color!

Caesar was playing hide-and-seek in the grass!

I wish we had better pictures, this view was incredible!  The mountain that you see here that looks brown, was actually bright redd!! 

Our puppy at the waterfall!

So curious!

After our hike we went back to the cabin and made a 'Haunted GingerBread House'.  It turned out quite nicely! 

My 'Little' lap dog!  
He still thinks he's just a little guy!

And where did they think I was going to sleep?

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  1. Heber is a cute town and it has been so pretty up there this fall! Kris and I have come up there a few times in the past month- And holy cow, your dog is huge. I would be afraid it would eat me!!! :) Your comment about Andrew saying the delicate word "boutique" cracked me up- Kris has some words too that he says that sound so proper to come out of a big man like "Should I draw you a bath?" (when my back is hurting)