Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Hillary's!!

Mike and Hillary came into town for Meghan's wedding!  It was a last minute trip as Hillary had little Max Combe just a week earlier!  She's amazing!!  They brought the boys over to see their buddy Caesar!  It had been since August that they had seen him!  He had grown just a tiny bit!

Here is Indy and Caesar standing side by side... Indy looks so small next to Caesar it looks almost as if he is standing off in the distance!

Mike giving Caesar a big bear hug!

Ocho (Owen) preferred to hide behind a pillow, and look from a distance!

Then we ended the night with a little 'tickle torture'.  We love when the "Hillary's" (as my dad calls them) are in town!!!!

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  1. That dog is a beast! I love the nickname Ocho, it is adorable, I think I may just have an Owen so we can call him that.