Friday, December 19, 2008

ENGLAND, Definition of Christmas, and Best Christmas Present EVER!

In England to prepare for the Holiday they get together and make cards for their family!  So that is exactly what we did... Although we got burned out after two... So we apologize if you don't get one!  We probably could have made more... But I forgot glue... ha ha nothing a little scotch tape couldn't handle!

This house is a symbol of the love I have for Christmas... 

Over 200 Figurines! It was like a symbol of how I feel on the inside... ha ha.  Rumor has it that sometimes he gets the neighborhood children to dress up as elves and hand out candy canes! Too amazing!

Best Christmas present ever came from Mrs. Simmons... She knows my fascination for why Texans LOVE their state so much!  To prove how versatile their flag is she sent me an amazing beaded picture frame! haha i LOVE it! Goes perfectly with the picture she took of us at Virginia's surprise party! Thanks Mrs. Simmons!

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