Friday, January 23, 2009

Keeping Me Up at Night!

As boring as it sounds it's the truth...
We just haven't been doing much of anything besides work and school! However I wanted to let you all know what's on my nightstand... Or rather, not on the nightstand, but made me stay up all night!

Ever since my dad felt he should take us on a cruise down to Colorado City, I have been intrigued with the happenings of the FLDS church.  We pulled into a tiny town, in the middle of nowhere and immediately a white truck pulled out in front of us, while a large van pulled up behind us.  We stayed in this carpool until we left the town.  It was truly another world.  HUGE houses, but hardly any of them were finished.  Rumor has it they keep it this way because you do not need to pay property tax until the entire building is finished!

I had almost thought it was an exaggeration the way that they portrayed polygamist to live.  I thought truly there was no way that they actually lived this way.  It was as if time had stopped here and we were in a different century... Rather than a different city.

So this book escape is about a woman who escaped from Colorado City with all of her 8 children.  It is a true page turner!  While my heart truly went out to the mothers and children of the "Polygamist Raid" in Texas, if this book is truly fact then that is absolutely what I believe needs to happen! I definitely recommend this book (so far).

This is Mohave College a public accredited college right in Colorado City.  The idea behind putting this college right in the city was that the residents of Colorado City are rarely exposed to the outside world.  So the Government thought it best to bring the outside in!


  1. When did ya'll go there? Matt and I had many discussions about the whole thing that happened here in Texas a while ago, I agree with you, this is a totally strange but interesting topic. Just don't let Ange get a "Plyg-rig".

  2. Ahhh! I read that book a while ago and it made me sick. Those poor women, they don't even know that they are being mistreated.

    I also went on a couple dates with this guy who had left Colorado City(only like a year before i met him). He had three sisters married to Warren Jeffs and he would tell me all these creepy stories.


  3. ps:
    my dad made us drive through there one time too! hah.

  4. that is crazy about going to Colorado City! I am dying to read that book Escape too, the FLDS stuff is intriguing to me too. oh, and I am totally with you on selling stuff! I love KSL and craigs list! :)