Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun Center!

Well there isn't really much to report on Drew or myself... And I'm sure you have all heard enough about Caesar.  Even though you know I have an entire camera full of pictures of him.  (Yes you know I will be one of those moms!)
I have the best job in the whole world!  I watch darling children and I get to go do fun things that normally I wouldn't even know about!  There is always something fun going on!

On Monday we went to Classic Fun Center... 
It took me back to 6th grade when we used to go roller skating, and you couldn't wait for the "snowball skate".  Great times!  Well now they have it all set up for kids with a ton of blow toys and you can bring your scooters and trikes and cruise around on the skate rink!

The pictures are just from my camera phone so they are terrible, but it was so fun! This is cute Gracie wearing her monkey costume!  She was a hit as always!

Walter starting the obstacle course!

Just another picture of cute Gracie!

A terrible action show of Walter and Gracie!

I cannot tell you how cute this little girl is!

Walter, Caleb and Josh all helping Gracie climb to the top!  These are three of the sweetest brothers!

Josh showing the speed of the slide!  I'm trying to find out if their is an age limit here, if there is not you know where our next date night will be!

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