Sunday, March 1, 2009

Disney World!!!

Well I just spent a magical week with this little beauty (and Meg and Wes) in Walt DisneyWorld!

(yes my mom packed her own poncho for Splash Mountain)
Wes is in the Coast Guard so he got us all military tickets which were crazy cheap!

The trip started out amazing when my mom and I were mysteriously placed in First Class!  It was truly amazing!  I was scared to do anything that would draw too much attention to myself for fear that they would know I wasn't supposed to be there!

Yes we made Wes where a "My 1st Visit" button!  He LOVED it!

Every year we make my mom take this picture!  Secretly we know she wants to!

I happened upon this graduation and it was really neat!  Every year Disney sends people to Africa to hand pick 15 students to come and study business at Disney!  They say that since they have done this there have been over 200 successful businesses opened in Africa!

Just a picture of EPCOT!

Disney's not Disney without a Mickey IceCream bar!

Barrel O' Monkeys outside of Pizza Planet... I thought it was creative!

Waiting in line for the monorail!

This amazing new game in EPCOT its like a virtual shuffle board! It is amazing how many neat things are available!
I had a great week but missed Drewpy!  Next time he won't miss out!

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  1. love the picture of mom in the phone booth. that is funny.