Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cheerio For Chevrolets!

Ha just kidding about the blog title! Just went well with my Honda post! Drew finally got his truck!

And it is a beauty!

We have already had a blast with this truck! (more post to follow). This truck is also one of Drews tools for his after hours Handyman company he is starting!!!! Yay!


  1. Hey Linds! How are you lady - so good to hear from you and glad we can blog stalk each other, we need to do lunch ASAP! I want to hear all about what you are up to and how the great Redd family is doing! Much love, call me if you are ever free 801-918-4351 - MO

  2. Sweet new ride! I didn't know Andrew was starting a business...that's awesome. I'd hire him anytime. You're so sweet to leave such nice comments! Adam got me an amazing camera for Christmas, and honestly, it's the camera that does all the work! My parents have photoshop, so I go over and use it every now and then, but I wish I could photoshop ALL my pictures...I love doing it. It's seriously an addiction for me! Lucky for me I just got a really cute subject to use all the time...poor boy! But yeah! We should hang out sometime and let Weston chill with Ceasar...he loves him! Do you guys go to the park much? If you do and you're bored, call us...Weston loves parks. And dogs. Fun! Thanks Linds!