Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tiek Built Homes! Latest and Greatest pt. 2

This is an outside remodel that Tiek Built Homes just did. (Drew's employer)
This is how it began!
The amazing thing about the general contractor who Drew works for is that he is not limited to just general construction. He has an incredible eye as a designer. He can see a starting project, sketch out a finished design, and then illustrate in on the computer. Most general contractors, are just there to follow orders and get the project done. While Steve does double duty, in actually designing the project. He has INCREDIBLE taste!
Here is a rough sketch of how he suggested they could remodel this house.

Then to give a better visual he will draw it up on the computer. Suggesting everything down to the materials and color. And work with anything you want.

And here is the finished product!!

Doesn't this face lift just transform this entire house?!!

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