Thursday, August 20, 2009

One year...

It was a year ago today I lost my Grandpa. Today I am with my Granny cleaning her house and getting her groceries. It seems like yesterday I was here looking at a body of a man who I didn't recognize as my Grandpa. He had gotten so sick, lost so much weight and was so weak he wasn't himself. It really hit home that a person isn't the body.
My Grandpa wasn't the man who the funeral home workers came to pick up and take him out of his home in a zipped up bag. He was the man that used to take me to toys r us every Monday to pick out a toy. He was the man that introduced me to Oreo's. He was the man that showed me the joys of traveling, starting with road trips to California (Disneyland), then starting in 2nd grade taking Meghan and I out of school for 2 weeks to go to Florida! He was the man who would spend New Years Eve playing Sorry for hours no matter how many times Meghan or I would cry because we lost.
He was the man who would hold a hand up to my head and the measure it on his body to show how much I grew. Even though I was 20 and hadn't grown since 6th grade. He was the man who made his own birthday cards for us on the 'confuser'. The man who took us swimming for hours at the 3 Fountains pool, video tape us swimming take us on whale rides, then take us home to watch the video. The list goes on and on, so today I will remember my Grandpa as the wonderful spirit he is! And be happy that he isn't inthe body that was sick and didn't work the way he wanted it to. I love you Grandpa and miss you more than anyone will ever know!

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