Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sad News...

The mother of Caesar's puppies passed away this morning. While Zoey is not 'our' dog she has been a huge part of our lives these past few months.
She was such a good mom, and it is sad to know that the puppies are without her. Our hearts go out to Brigg and Robin, Zoeys owners. We know they are heartbroken!
-- Post From My iPhone


  1. Lindsay, so sad to hear that!! Fun to see you and the dogs the other day!

    Question for your though.... how did you post from an iPhone?? I want to learn!! Let me know if you get a chance. THANKS!

    Randy Wood

  2. Oh my gosh, that's so sad. I'm so sorry! I hope you guys are doing okay and that the puppies are still good!

  3. WHAT!!!! That is crazy! I am so sorry! I couldn't imagine that happening to my dogs... although she wasn't your dog exactly, but she was... any way! Sorry for your loss! :(