Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mrs. Meyer's

You know when you find something you love so much, you just want to talk about it to everyone you know. Well I have just the thing. It is my obsession!
Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products, are the best! One of the families I nanny for had the Mrs. Meyer's countertop spray, and I fell in love! It is the geranium scent and it blows my mind!
After running out of my counter top spray I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond af purchased the dish soap, all purpose cleaner and air freshner. They have an assortment of scents, but this is my favorite. Not only does your house smell amazing after you use it, but they are super efficient! They make everything SO clean! That is my obsession of the week!


  1. Linds- I am so with you on this one! Mrs. Meyer sure knows how to make some mean cleaning supplies. The question is-- have you tried the gingerbread scent? It is perfect for christmas time (not too overpowering).

  2. I love Mre. Meyer's too! I need to branch out with the scents though.

  3. i love mrs. meyers too. never smelled geranium though! you got me excited!