Saturday, December 5, 2009

Festival of Trees

I LOVE December!! I love all of te festivities that come with it! We kicked off the season with a special trip to The Festival of Trees!
Alex, me and Cait standing by Chuck's tree!
Chuck's tree! It was beautiful! Alex's sister (Chuck's mom) designed and decorated it! It was a beautiful butterfly theme!
Chuck's super cute picture!
Drew and me by Chuck's tree!
Then the obvious picture of Cait and Drew by the tree! Ha! It is so fun to go to the festival, so nice to see all the charity and money raised for Primary Children's Hospital. It's fun seeing all the people you know too!
This is Levi Snarr's tree that was beautifully done as well! The Snarr's are some of my favorite people and it was nice and sad to see this lovely tree for Levi!
A picture of Levi who passed away from cancer. The festival is so amazing because it takes peoples heartache and turns it into a way to help others! It was a great night!

And I almost forgot about the gingerbread houses! This picture is of a giant gingerbread train!
And this was the house from the movie 'Up'. It was super cute and colorful! I love the little detail they put into it! So creative!


  1. i LOVE the festival of trees. I am so sad that I didn't see Chuck's tree! I'm glad you documented it so well. And yes- when are we going to play? will you text me your number? i lost my phone with all my numbers-- so text me and let's go to lunch soon!

  2. How fun! I love that "UP" house, so cute! How long does the festival last? Or is it over already? Looks like tons of fun.

  3. Hey Lindsay! We were just at the Festival of Trees as well. Oh it was so fun! That was my first time being there, it was great. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I had no idea you work so close to my parents' house, that's great! Yeah my parents do have a dog. It's a giant chocolate lab named Gunner. He is huge! Sorry he scared you. You and your hubby as so cute together! Keep in touch :-)

  4. OK, Lindsay and Andrew, you guys both look amazing! Way to go!