Monday, December 21, 2009


We made a run to the dump today! And became the ultimate scrappers! I'm not even scared to admit it! As we were pulling up a lady was unloading these beauties! Before she hefted them into the abiss we asked her if we could have them! We did a thorough exam of the woman and decided she was clean! Ha ha and off we went!
Couch and matching recliner seat included! Jealous?


  1. Holy cow, what a great idea! It was so fun to see you guys last night! Merry Christmas from me and Weston your BFF!

  2. What in the world? Those are amazing. We had some good friends when we were growing up that would call it "binning" they would find the best stuff. I really am jealous, especially considering the fact that Sam accidentally wrote on the couch today, and I was just thinking..."man we need leather!" :)