Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dog Beds

Have you looked at dog beds lately? More specifically dog beds that will fit 2 ponies? Well I have. And they are EXPENSIVE! So I found some pool chair lounger pads (do you follow?) Now all I needed was a cover, seeing as how my dogs spend most of their days trying to figure out how to carry in as much dirt into the house as possible. So I spent a lot of time cruising around fabric stores and contemplating the meaning of a 'yard'. Anyway.... Turns out fabrics way expensive. Sooo... After I bought a new duvet cover for our bed I decided to use our old one for slipcovers for the dog beds.
I bought new pins that were super pretty! Pretty things always make projects more enjoyable. So I dusted off the sewing machine my granny gave me. Took a quick look at a YouTube video on how thread my sewing machine and I was off!
And they fit perfectly! With just a tiny bit of fabric left over!
So after all of my hard work to show appreciation to me the dogs stepped over the beds, and crammed themselves into Cleo's kennel.
Seriously?! Oh well! How cute are they? The Loooove each other!


  1. this post inspired me! you are so awesome linds! way to go. i just bought Leah a doggy bed from costco today and now i wish i would have been cool and made one like you! good job!

  2. La! Did you get the round ones!! I love those I just wish they were bigger!! Do you buy your dog food from costco? We just switched to the Kirkland brand and it saves us $100+ a month!!