Saturday, February 6, 2010

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid!

I'm going to start this post off by saying Never Ever go to Chuck-e-Cheese on a Saturday night! It was a mad house! There were so many bodies packed into that place the air was almost edible it was so thick! But... If you go any other time you need to bring this coupon.
Pretty self explanatory why it's so amazing! This time we went wild and got this coupon times 3 so every one had 100 tokens each. It blew their minds! They kept coming to sit down because they thought they used all their tickets. And I would load them up again. One time Josh was so stunned he asked "Are you sure about this?".
Then they got down to business. I would go ahead and say this was the most successful trip to Chuck-e-Cheese we have taken.
Cashing in his tickets!
Total score. I was so proud!
We even made it out with a giant Tootsie Roll pillow! What 8 year old didn't want one of these?

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