Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Forth (no I didn't misspell the date)

I have never been into writing New Years resolutions. I think it's because I never really feel motivated in the middle of winter. In January we are just coming off the Holiday high, then it's our anniversary, then before you know it January's over. February always flies by and that leaves you two months behind on your resolutions. So instead of being bugged and disappointed for the rest of the year on broken resolutions I do things a little different. I can't remember where I first heard the idea but a few years ago I started my March 4th/Forth resolutions. Every March 4th I march forth with my resolutions.
(Do you like my hand model?)
So some of my resolutions this year are:
  • I will write a Thank You note to someone once a month. I got this idea from my dad who would always randomly have a Thank You letter in the mail for someone. I always wondered how they understood what he was writing to them. My dad has a very cryptic handwriting. You would think he was a doctor!
  • I am going to start my to-do/scheduling list again. Before and while I was dating Drew I was very meticulous about writing everything down. And was obsessed with to-do lists and my planner just ask my friends. You just get more done that way. Then I got into a funk where I just didn't do it, and wasn't me! Well I'm finally breaking out of that, and I'm going to be on top of things again.
  • I am going to write at least one thing daily that I am thankful for.
  • I am signing up for a community education class to get me out of my comfort zone!
These aren't all of my goals to March Forth to a better me, but you get the idea.
So to get started yesterday I walked to a stationary store and bought some thank you cards. I love these green ones, thank goodness there's always something to be thankful for. How true is that?
I have started up on my to-do lists already I am ready to March Forth!


  1. i heart you blog linds, thanks for being a good commenter! where did you get that button, be a dear, leave a comment? i love it! good resolutions- i am a huge list maker too, and love that you even put estimated times, i need to try that! keep blogging! and i'm impressed with your penny purchase! you are so saavy :)

  2. Thanks Meg! I got the button from the same place I got my background. I think its, but there is a button for it in the top left hand corner of my blog. Click on that and then they have all sorts of fun things for your blog. That's where i got my keep calm and carry on!

  3. oh yeah i remember your planner, i thought it looked real nice with the modge podge!!

  4. Ha ha not that notebook! That one you turned into what was it that Alex called it? "Mormon Handicraft vomit" ha ha so ugly. Remember when I modge podged your face? Great times!

  5. Love it! I love little notebooks too! I don't like setting New Years Goals either, don't think I've EVER kept one! Sad!!