Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Did you ever think about the benefit of the things you played with, or want your kids to play with? Well in my major we study about the development of the brain. And I have always taken a special interest in why and how children learn. Fascinating information can be found in the simplest things. Swings...
Swings are a great developmental tool. Many people put their babies in swings to calm them down, people usually don't know that it soothes babies because the rocking, swinging motion releases endorphins in the body. When kids get older the develop gross motor skills learning how to balance and manipulate multiple parts of the body at the same time. While developing fine motor skills at the same time such as grasping the swings chain. Children who play in swings also do better in school because they learn to focus on an object that moves away and towards them. Which helps them focus on a chalkboard.
Those are just a few of the great things about swings. Anyway that's just what I think about while at playgrounds! Little treasures from my brain for you to have! You're welcome, ha!

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  1. Wow! I think I'm going to play with Weston on the swings today!