Thursday, March 25, 2010

To My Mister Wonderful!

It was around this time THREE years ago I met my mister wonderful. On a girls' night date night, that he wasn't supposed to come to. We were supposed to go on a blinddate (set up by my sister Alissa) , but he never called. I called my friend and her sister in law ( who is also my friend, because the first time I met her she made a rude guesture towards me, and I knew from that moment we were destined to be friends.) and asked them to go to dinner one night. Well they asked their cousin to come along, who in turn asked her brother to tag along. That evening as I sat at our sorority house deciding if I should get ready or just go as I was, it was just my friends, what did they care what I looked like?I finally decided I should get ready just so I could use the new makeup brush I just purchased. When my friends came to pick me up they screamed out the window Kadie screamed "Don't be mad it wasn't my idea." confused, they explained Abby, Drew's sister had invited Drew along. Thank goodness I got ready. At least I would look presentable to the boy who never called for our date. I'd show him! When we got to the restaurant Drew was there with his white gangster hat on. (I semi miss that hat) First words I ever spoke to him were "Oh thanks for calling, that makes meeting you here a lot less awkward." ha what a snot! He said "I did call you, I got your voicemail that said "Hi this is Ashley, leave me a message." and I said "well that's awkward, my names Lindsay." and he turned bright redd and stumbled some other excuse, and we all laughed. The fact that Drew was not put off by my humor, and knew I was teasing him, made me know that I liked him. We made plans to actually go on a date. As luck would have it we had to cancel our date because we had his aunt Debbie's surprise party to go to. Where we would hang out again for the second time, before actually going on our blinddate. And the next night a week later after our first meeting, we had our first date. I could tell you everything we were wearing down to my perfume. It was perfect! And the rest follows as history!
Now married and two giant dogs later we are deliriously happy!
From the guy I met who wore baggy jeans, ginormous shirts and gangster hats. To my Drew, who wears skinny jeans!
And his giggle..... How I LOVE his giggle!

The only other person I know who has also always wanted a Great Dane! Believe me there aren't a lot of us out there!
Drew is such a tenderheart, has cried in far more movies then I have, and is truly concerned for others.
And his giant man hands! Who wouldn't love those?! Love you Drew.


  1. What a cute post. Seriously, you two are soulmates! That's a funny story - I want to know what "rude gesture" Kadie gave you...haha! I still remember Aunt Debbie's birthday party and all of us were staring at you two and the semi-awkwardness because we just knew you were meant for each other and couldn't wait until you officially hooked it up! Ha ha! Anyway, you two are just darling.

  2. OK, now we need to know what he was watching while he giggled. I do love Andrew's giggle too. :) Ange, you totally pulled a Dad at the end of that giggle. :) Thanks for the cute re-cap Linds. :)

  3. Happy dating anniv. you two!! You two are so great! xoxo

  4. That is awesome! I loved your story about when you said, "Well that's awkward because my name is Lindsay." I can just hear you saying that! HA HA!!! You guys are perfect for each other!!

  5. i love this post! that is so hilarious! and the giggle vid, what was he laughing so hard at! i want to look it up now! you two are def soulmates, i know hardly anyone who wants a great dane! i loved your comment too, "thanks for calling me, that makes this a lot less awkward." hahahaha that is so you, i love it.