Monday, May 10, 2010

Adventures in Blanding

After dedicating the cabin we headed out with the family to explore Blanding. How many people over the age of 40 does it take to figure out an AC?
Don't worry... They eventually read the manual and got it all fired up! Haha. Our first stop after filling up the van with gas from the Ute Reservation, tax free, was the property my great grandpa owned.
Drew checking out the out house. With an actual wooden toilet. Pretty fancy.
Next was a stop at Redd's True Value. I'm not going to lie, being a Redd in Blanding is kind of a big deal.
Then we cruised around town and grandma showed us all the local hot spots. The home below is the home that my grandpa was brought to from the orphanage.
Pretty cute.
This is a home the kids called the castle house, I loved it!
Then we went to a diner called Old Tymers, where they had pictures of my great grandparents on the walls as children. This my grandma pointing out a picture of her mother on horseback. My grandma said her mom was never content to stay home. She was always finding an excuse to be outside, on a horse or out of town. And I totally related! It must be in the blood.

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  1. Let's be honest, it's kind of a big deal to be a Redd ANYWHERE!!!