Sunday, May 9, 2010

Don't Come in We're In The Bluff!

My grandma told me that what happens in Bluff, stays in Bluff! And most of the late night jokes and story telling will remain a secret. However the adventures had to be documented.
We headed down to Bluff, Utah this weekend. To participate in the building of a cabin. Dedicated to my great great great grandpa Jens Nielson. My Utah Curiosities, book came in super handy once again. On our adventures through Utah.
We don't make it down to the four corners area of the United States as often as we should. So we had to make the most of our drive down there. First stop Utah Curiosities led us to was Ray's Tavern in Green River. A local hotspot for river runners.
The walls hold shirts from river runners all around the world.
It was a quaint little place and we had fun with the ketchup squeeze bottles. Well... I did. Next stop Arches National Park!
We did a hike up to delicate arch! Beautiful!!
Seriously more beautiful then I can describe. And it was a nice 2 hour hike to break up the driving.
Then our tour guide book told us to check out Newspaper Rock.
We tried to get a picture with the ancient petroglyphs. Too much wall...
Too much us...
Ahh just right.
We cruised through Blanding. Got a drive by picture of the local family store;)
We pulled into Bluff and grabbed a quick bite at the only open restaurant in town. Yes it was 9:30 p.m. Why would any place stay open that crazy late?
Best cups I've ever sipped out of! What a beautiful town!

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  1. oh lindsay you are too much fun, i love you!!! haha nice title too!