Friday, July 9, 2010

Super Sized

Super sized should be the theme for Drew. He is a super sized human, with super sized ideas and super sized ambition to turn his ideas into reality.
Kids love Drew a super sized amount. We watched Kate and Lilly one weekend. Now when Kate sees a redd truck she shouts "Andrew!".
He loves our super sized dogs!
He takes on super sized projects, multiple at a time. Not only does Drew work full time, but after hours he works almost every night, but Sunday until 9 or 10pm as handyman.
Somehow with all of that going on he found time to redo the entire exterior of our house.
He changed the entire house. We aren't finished with the paint yet as you can see. But it's getting there. Our sprinkler system finally died. So Drew had to turn his attention to the yard.
Down to the landscaping. He took out the awful chain link, rented a bobcat, leveled out the dirt and removed the plethora of rocks that were consuming our lawn. You should see the looks we get from people driving by. He did it so fast people can't believe it.
And last and certainly not least, this super sized man... Is a super sized husband. Not to be too mushy, but this man is my everything. These last two months, to not be too 'woe is me', were not some of my greatest. And Drew was there for me every step of the way. Poor Drew cares about me so much I began to physically see the worry in his body. I love him more then I ever believed it was possible to love another person. Thank you Drew, for all you do! You're a SuperMan!


  1. Wow. Can I just say, you are SO lucky. How awesome to have such a great guy and how lucky he is to have someone who adores him so much too. You guys are so great together!

  2. You are both SUPER! :)
    The house looks great! I really cannot WAIT to see the finished product!

  3. Linds, I am so obessed with you! I love you so much! Your house looks amamzing I want to double and come see it! Love you and let's plan a time!

  4. I saw this in person, and it looks awesome. I love the color, and the clean look that the white gives it. Andrew said a yellow door? Awesome, it's going to look so cozy!

    Lindsay, thank you for always being such a positive, loving, supporter. I am so thankful that my brother married someone who loves him so much, and who sees all the wonderful things that he can "drew". :)

  5. You and Drewpy are both amazing to the super sized degree. I can't believe how talented he is! The house looks unbelievable. Andrew, Andrew he's our man, if he can't do it no one can!