Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I know they have chewed up almost every pair of shoes I own, they have accidents, they bring in dirt from the yard by the bucket full, they sleep perpendicular on the bed, but I love these pooches.
How could that snuggle not melt your heart?


  1. Lindsay I am glad there are people like you and Drew who love animals, especially giant dogs because they just terrify me!! I looked at that pic of the dog standing on its hind legs and I seriously would have peed my pants if I were that kid!!!! :) Glad you and Drew (and the doggies) are so happy together :)

  2. As the owner of 2 great danes, I have one teeny, weeny suggestion for your night-time sanity. Buy your dogs a couch. We bought a craigslist couch for our danes and put it in our bedroom. They sleep on it instead of us... And all we have to say is get on your bed! It's skinnier than a mattress but then so are they - and I can shampoo the couch just like the carpet (which I just had to because Freya threw up last night after eating a car-load of grass!)
    Check out big dogs hug paws (bdhpi) the rescue I volunteer for... they got some cutie-patooties!