Monday, November 1, 2010

Kitchen "Progress"...

Drew has taken on some big side projects, our house has been put on pause. This weekend the plumbing all got wrapped up.
Here's where we were, when last we met...
And here is today... Sometimes I have to remind myself that we have actually taken steps forward, and not backward. You can see from above where my confusion comes from. We have slowly been gathering the finish details for the kitchen and bath. For the kitchen we found another amazing deal on an apron front stainless steel sink.
I cannot wait to get it installed.
Then this weekend we found these gorgeous glass mosaic tiles for $2 a sq/ft. at Home Depot!
They look gorgeous next to our paint swatches! The trick is again to find a grout that doesn't make the glass tile lose it's luster. Sometimes you see glass tile that is so pretty, but as soon as the grout is added the tile looks dull. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Now onto the search for a faucet.
I love these industrial pull faucets. I always have. They are very "loud" faucets. They demand a lot of your attention when looking at a room. And I don't know if I want that to be the focus. But with our sink we bought that is thirty inches wide, and nine inches deep it would be perfect to reach all the corners of the sink and spray off dishes etc. A sprayer is a must for me. We don't have one on our sink right now, and it makes dishwashing take twice as long. Which leads me to the next faucet I love, but just don't think is very practical.
I think wall mount sinks are gorgeous, but the sprayer that they have is a major eye sore. The hose just hangs in the sink. And I don't think I can get over that.
So here is my "in-betweener" Pretty like the wall mount, but has a sprayer. I just worry about the satin nickel next to the stainless steel. Hmm... Decisions.


  1. Can't wait to see what you decide! I like the big industrial faucet too.

  2. i heard that last night took you even more steps "forward"... as for the sink, i love it! as for the faucet, a sprayer is a MUST. but i would get stainless to match your sink, for sure. wall mounts are super pretty, but between your cool sink, awesome backsplash, newly painted cabinets, and striking new floor, i think you can go mellow on the faucet. those are my 2 cents anyway. :)