Monday, November 22, 2010

Tile and Storage...

You're probably sick of seeing progress shots... Not much I can help you with there!
We went completely overboard with trim on the vent beam. I'm crazy about it! Can there really be too much trim?? I say NO!
Here's how the beam looks tonight. Puttied and primed waiting to be caulked, spackeled and painted! Like I said before the inside of the panels will be a flat white and the trim will be a semi gloss white. Overkill again? Maybe! Worth it? Totally!
The underbelly of the beast! Look how good the post looks! With our little trim piece waiting to be stained.
The process of grouting. I won't lie I kind of had a pit in my stomach when we started grouting. I still wasn't sure about the white grout. I was scared it would show all of our mistakes, and errors in the tile sheets themselves.
Drew taught me you apply the grout, which should be a toothpaste consistency, in 45 degree angle swipes. Good to know.
I. LOVE. IT!!!!
The mistakes are so minor, and the grout actually minimized their appearance! And I think the white grout really highlight the pretty individual tiles. Whereas I think a matching tan grout would have made it look like a giant blob. No detail.
Those lines look pretty straight if you ask me.
Anyway... The whole process of remodeling the kitchen was to give us more space. That we accomplished. Now the trick is with more space, how to maximize our space to get the most storage. To really utilize all of our work.
I need need need these corner cabinet pull and slide cabinet shelves. The pull out and twist. And the far corner can slide to the opening. Only problem is the only place I can find them is Europe. Where they really know how to use small spaces.
Another idea I found was stair storage. Used all the time in Europe. Genius!
This is what we are putting in one of out cupboards. I hate seeing a trash can and it's nice to know the pooches can't get into the trash.
This is what we are doing with our sink legs. I'm so excited! A hidden spice rack! I love finding different ideas for storage. So many creative things to do!

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  1. your tile looks beautiful!! great job! and don't stop posting pictures! I am not sick of it at all.. i can't wait to see the finished product.