Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So I finished school at the U. And as a graduation present to myself, decided to apply to go to more school! Hooray!
I spent the last month pulling together my application to LDS Business College, Interior Design program. I had to put together a color board to be accepted into the program. I think it turned out nice. I wanted to make it stand out and not just be on black foam board, so I wrapped the board in canvas so it looked like a linen board.
To maximize space on the 9"X12" board I stacked the upholstery fabrics and made them into a little booklet. I glued the furniture onto the fabric they would be upholstered in.
This is a picture of a collage wall and the accent pieces used to decorate the room. I had my sister write all of the labels, her handwriting is very architectural in style. Does that make sense? It does in my head!
I had to make my own white furniture. I couldn't find a picture I liked. I wanted this trellis wallpaper inside to add some special detail. Love it!
These are the accent colors to be used throughout the room.
My darling husband ripped down a sample of wood so I could make my wood floor into a herringbone pattern. I was scared for Drew's finger tips. He made it out with all his digits. Phew.
I ended up cutting my own dental moulding. Snipped every detail... Worth it... I think so! Well after all this work I got my acceptance letter! Wahoo! Onto the next big adventure!
I can't wait to bump into Hannah on campus. She pretty much runs the school. Trust me! She's even on the website!


  1. That's awesome!! Remember we took interior design in highschool? Hah.
    My mom graduated from that program years ago.
    I spent a long time at the BC too! I worked at the bookstore...
    You'll love it and be great at it.

  2. way to go, looks awesome! just as I would have expected from you! congrats on getting into the program!

  3. I about died when i saw that. I can't believe you put that picture on... Actually I can. Congrats on getting in. I was worried for a second :) . What a fabulous color board. I especially love the herringbone floors. Can drew do that for me too on my projects? Thanks!

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Love that that is Hannah Watkins..

  5. Lindsay that's so exciting! Congratulations. I have always wanted to study interior design. Love the trellis wall paper in the cabinet. Can't wait to see all the beauties you and Andrew create!