Sunday, April 10, 2011

St. George

Whew, it seems like we are finally pulling ourselves together. We still miss our big guy. We made a trip to St. George so Drew could tie up some loose ends on trim at my brothers house... More on that later.
It was such a great break. With some much needed sun. Cleo loved having someone to follow around... Even better, someone to follow around who was constantly dropping food... And was more then willing to share licks of suckers.
Mike and Hill are great hosts, especially to people with dogs... We could have stayed there forever! Well, until summer hit, and the I would be miserable.
I love how much these boys love our dogs. We would look over at them, and without fail, one of the boys would be laying on Cleo... It was too cute.
Love it!
Cleo got some major sun, and wind in her hair.
She loves adventures...
Sunday I taught the boys the fine art of duct tape sandals...
They loved it!
So many uses for duct tape...
Love those boys.
We had an awesome bonfire in the backyard, where we roasted some reeses s'mores.
We went on several bike rides, poor Cleo ripped her foot pad open on one of the runs... Hopefully we can build up her pads, she is a great biking companion.
And then we spent a lot of time, lounging in the sun... It was amazing! It was a perfect vacation, except for the sick feelings I would get when I would panic thinking we had forgotten Caesar, or needed to get home to let him out.
Then watched in amazement how much energy this sticky little boy had! We miss them, and the weather already.