Monday, May 23, 2011

Camera and Kids

While in the midst of our home remodel I have been having a great time figuring out my camera. I bought this ebook, from a blog post from I think she takes beautiful pictures, and I want to soak up any advice she has. So far I have really enjoyed it, it is plain talk, and some times dumbed down even more then that so it's super to follow. What I like most about it, is it's how to work with what you have. Not telling you all the expensive equipment that is available.

Practice attempts, with two adorable models.

Crazy about these girls.

Below is a cheat sheet I found on pinterest. It's helpful to have as a quick reference on hand!


  1. I am such a visual learner... so I love things like that cheat sheet. Your little models are darling!

  2. Gorgeous - I LOVE that first one of the twins, it is amazing!!!