Friday, May 20, 2011

Living Room CampOut!

Drew and I are finally getting around to achieving our dream of become granolas! Haha just kidding, but we have both been tempted at one time or another to grow dreadlocks, walk around in chacos, spending most of our days at farmers markets and Whole Foods... AKA... The good life!Baby steps are being taken on our quest to become Enviro's... We set up the old tent in the living room to get us, and mainly the pooches ready for sleeping in a tent. I don't want to be secluded in the wilderness to find out Cleo hates tents and burst through the seems of the tent to escape! I would say the night went well... I woke up once to find Cleo had cleverly slid me and my sleeping bag off my pad, and was completely stretched out on it! Dogs a gosh darn genius!

These pictures above just make me laugh! I was trying to take a picture of the tent, and I told Cleo to get out of the way. You can see she is in motion to move on out, when I snapped a picture to test the camera settings. When I checked the picture I saw Polly had run in last minute and took a quick seat to get her picture taken... She did the same thing in the next picture! This pooch loves herself some camera... I love how quickly she runs in and immediately sits, like she has been there the whole time. Quite the opportunist! The last picture, after we finished setting up the tent, Polly ran out to get a toy, and I'm not even how this is possible, but she set it here, and just left it, perfect storage!

And again another snuggling pooch picture to rip your heart out (woah, that got graphic in a hurry.). I think these dogs snuggle on purpose just to make Drew and I yell to one another to "hurry and run into the room, look what the dogs are doing!". Polly probably snuggles up and whispers in Cleo's ear, "watch this!" love them!

And as all indoor campouts need, a little iPad time! Truly Earthy!


  1. i want a little polly! give me a puppy dang it!

  2. me too... i want a puppy that slides right into the camera shot--that's hilarious.

  3. I want to be a granola with you! I already have a chaco tan line, it is awesome!!

  4. BWAHAHAHA! Polly.... you cute puppy. Sounds like something I would have done in highschool, jump in someone's picture last minute.