Thursday, May 26, 2011

Son of a ........

.....(And if my mom wasn't a loyal follower those dots would have been filled in with a word that had would show my frustration. However, for courtesy of my mom and my two female dogs I'll let you fill in the blank!)

As luck would have it, our basement flooded! Even better it was in a wall that we were NOT going to demo! (Why isn't there a font for sarcasm?). After our CampOut in the living room, we took down the tent, and noticed that the carpet was wet halfway through the room. I mean soaking wet! Nasty! So we got to work, exploring where the leak was coming from. When we pulled back the carpet, pools of water were left on the concrete, not to mention a lovely odor... (Insert sarcasm font.... Maybe a reverse italics...)
Drew went to tap the wall above the wet carpet to see if it was wet, and his little tap turned into a squish. The dry wall was soaked, and moldy.... Followed by moldy insulation.... Followed by moldy cement! This is not a new leak.... Years.... And years... No wonder I'm constantly sick... I probably have mold spores on my lungs... Isn't that a nasty word? Spores....ew.

We (read Drew) suspected ground water... So Drew went outside and turned on the hose, three minutes later nothing. He came inside, and then we heard the water, in our cold storage, that has always been a little funky, I just never open the door, water was POURING out of the walls! Through these holes, you can see it spout out...

With the outrageous amount of moisture we have had this winter/spring, we have been having water continuously coming into our basement... Lovely (reverse italics)... With old carpets removed, moldy sheet rock, insulation and bleached walls we are on our way to a mold spore free home!


  1. Oh MY. At least you found the source and can remediate it.

  2. That is terrible!! Ugh! Good thing you live with Drew Can Do!

  3. what an absolute nightmare. I'm so sorry Linds. hang in there. xoxo

  4. I am sorry. That is so lame.

    Since becoming homeowners, we have developed an unhealthy hatred for water and basements. We have dealt with way too many floods. And this one sounds like a doosy.

    Good luck!