Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Drew spread seed on our front lawn, and doing the final touches on the sprinklers. And I'm SO ready for grass! No more mud yard!As always, the pooches were a tremendous help!These pictures are very monochromatic. I have always loved brown!

With my new portrait lens, I figured out how to adjust the white balance setting on my camera. I couldn't figure out why my pictures were coming out so orange. This one of Cleo had zero touch ups.

This face makes me too happy! She has the most incredible disposition! Our plan was to spay her, but her personality, and appearance may be too incredible to just give up on. We are going to watch her health and personality for a little longer, and if she stays this well behaved, and her health stays good, she may be continuing her bloodlines. Even the vet commented on what a remarkable build and especially wonderful personality she has! Who wouldn't want a puppy like this?Even when she looks like this!

Our little mud puppy! This pooch loves water and mud. When we turn on the hose, Cleo runs for the hills, and Polly runs to sit under water!Again..... I can't wait for grass!


  1. I. LOVE. YOUR. DOGS. the muddy puppy picture!!! AHHH ! Killin me- so cute!

  2. I want one...let's continue the bloodline.