Monday, June 6, 2011

Pinterest Love

Some of the lovelies I have discovered via pinterest.

I love this color, It makes me want a yellow brick house... And I've NEVER wanted a yellow brick house. With this door it would make me happy everyday!

Made by Girl, Jen Ramos....

White washed, wood paneled walls. I'm not sure that it gets prettier.

Striped walls that accent the perfect brown.

Style at Home... I found it on

Giant houndstooth is to die for.... I think I would literally take a bullet for this rug... Jk, lol, roflol... Smiley face...

Okay, let's just talk about how beautiful this piece of furniture is....Ah-Mazing! The color, shape, and the glass front with all of those individual drawers... I want to use this somewhere in our house. I'm trying to make it work as a built-in in the bathroom... If course I've got to check with my contractor Drew... (As you should too... 801.244.8790). And see how to make it all work.

Layla Grace.... Found on

This color speaks to me, and tells me to find a spot for it in my home... I will listen! I think the nickel hardware is a perfect combo..., found on

Its just fact... This chevron wastebasket would be perfect in an office.

And simply stated... I want to go to there!

Tuscany, found on

P.S. Who is extremely excited for the Apple Keynote in 15 minutes?? ME!!! Although I can't say that they will be announcing a new iPhone that I've been hoping for. I think they might because they are introducing a new iOS and iCloud and new hardware to go with it would be a huge selling point. However there are no real rumors to back up a new device being announced. I wonder if this is because every device that has been released for the last little bit have been leaked so maybe they kept this phone on super lockdown... I also hesitate to think they will come out with it because Verizon just signed and the white iPhone was just released. Although after the iPhone 4 was released the iPhone 3Gs still sold... These are the things I think about... The End!