Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spice Rack

Our sink leg, spice rack is finally installed!

Drew built the cabinet next to the spice rack, and we got it all installed yesterday!

There are still a few touch ups that need to be made. We need to build face frames and some paint chipped, and paint runs along the side of leg need to be fixed... I don't want to point fingers at anyone..... But it was me.... Oops... I'm such a huge help! Haha! When I watching Drew in the shop build and paint (and repaint all the cupboards I painted).... I stated.. "I need to learn to use all your tools.". Drew shut off the saw he was using, turned to me and said.... "That's the last thing I need." Well same to you Drew, stay away from my exacto knife and glue gun.... Haha love that guy!

Almost as much as I love my spice rack!


  1. Awesome! He really can do anything!

  2. Such a great space grabber in the kitchen. Good use.

  3. Ok, so that has to be the coolest spice rack I have ever seen.

  4. Clicked over from Sawdust & Paperscraps. Good job on the pull-out. I love when people make the best of wasted space.

  5. Clicked over from your comment on Sawdust&Paperscraps. I love your pull-out. I love it when people make the most of wasted space.