Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Anyone remember the movie Money Pit, with Tom Hanks? Being the youngest child of a large family, I was able to view excellent movies at a very young age. Altering, forever who I am....

During the remodel of our house, I have found all to often, myself resembling Walter from the Money Pit.... In fact I had to take a double look at the picture and make sure that wasn't me standing at the top of the stairs, holes in the walls, looking smashing in my blue sweat suit.... It's not me.... It's Tom Hanks...

One of the great lines in this movie comes from Walter... "Stairs! Ha! A Staircase! We have stairs! Oh, hello, Mr. Stairs. I've missed you." Complete irrational love for stairs.... That's how I felt this weekend, when I came home to this!

Didn't Drew do a good job? Answer yes.... We haven't put the fronts on the last few stairs because Drew is working on building our DRAWERS for the stairs! They're going to be wonderful!
But before we get too far off the topic of one of the Greatest Movies of all Time... May I share with you a few more quotes from The Money Pit? And maybe these are only funny to my siblings, remembering bonding while watching this movie at the cabin eating too many red vines.... Anyway, they are amazing!
*"Ahhh, Home Crap Home"
*"We have weak trees"
*"Honey, this isn't a home, it's Swiss cheese with a door!"
*"You testing missiles here?"
*Tom Hanks laugh when he watches the tub fall through the floor.
*"Two weeks!"
*"What has Max got that I haven't got?"...."WALLS!"
Great movie!

And just a little treat for the eyes.... My yellow glass pitcher.... I luff it!


  1. oh yes...a classic. love that show. and who was letting you watch PG-13's at your age??? where was the adult supervision?

  2. I remember rewinding that scene where the tub falls thru the floor over and over again. We laughed so hard!

  3. "We have weak trees" was my favorite line and now has become the theme of our marriage... we've always had weak trees